I have to give Neve Campbell props. In the late '90s, it looked like she'd be one of those teen stars forgotten -- one who might pop up in her 40s with a resurgence, but would always be known as that teen girl who cooked up spells, fought off a bunch of movie-buff killers, and got sexy with Denise Richards. Instead, she's been working out of the spotlight and picking some interesting roles along the way, the latest of which has her getting sexy once again -- but I think without the raunchy 3-way.

Variety reports that the actress has signed on to the Vivaldi biopic starring Joseph Fiennes. The picture, which already has the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Gerard Depardieu, Elle Fanning, Carice van Houten, and Jacqueline Bisset, focuses the famous violinist when he, as a young priest, became a music teacher for the illegitimate daughters of Venice courtesans. Ms. Campbell will play one of the Venetian courtesans.

This could give Campbell enough cred for some more meaty mainstream roles, especially if she holds her own with this cast. There is no set date for release, but it is supposed to come out some time this year.
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