Ever wished you could run around in Superman's outfit, or be a wedding-day virgin (cough) like Madonna? Now's your big chance. BBC reports that in Las Vegas March 15 and 16, a slew of items from movies and pop culture will be auctioned off.

The collection, privately owned by developer Anthony Pulgliese, is valued at over $5 million. Personally, I can't fathom having $5 million just sitting around waiting for me to spend it on a bunch of collectible stuff, no matter how cool it is, but maybe some of your folks have a spare million or two down in your couch cushions, and you'd like to spend it buying memorabilia (side note: if that description fits you, email me before you head to the auction ... I know some indie filmmakers out there who could use that money for a better purpose ...).

Anyhow, in case you're into collecting, here's a list of the items that will be up for grabs. If you were going to attend this auction and had the cash to spare, which would you bid on?

[Hat tip: Movie City News ]


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