It is true. The world will soon get some J.C.V.D. Back in October, I showed you a clip from the supposed biopic about the actor. There were a bunch of guys in tank tops, getting ready to audition for the part of Jean Claude Van Damme, until the man himself showed up demanding the role. In a new interview with MTV, Jean Claude says that the flick is, indeed, heading to Cannes, and it's making him rethink his career a little as well.

As Van Damme describes it, the movie is about a man in the U.S. who has been arrested a lot, and: "Being drunk, my [character's] life was from success to failure. And this guy is now leaving the States to refresh himself, to go back to Brussels to see his parents. He's got no money and he's looking for any type of movie to pay his lawyers for child custody. And then he shows up in a post office where a heist is happening, and people think I'm part of it. And then it becomes very Dog Day Afternoon." He says it's the best film he's ever done. More than Cyborg, Bloodsport, and Kickboxer? I'll believe it when I see it!

Now, aside from the upcoming action film The Shepherd: Border Patrol, he's looking to make films he'll be happy about and be proud of. That means saying no to flicks like Rush Hour 3 and Street Fighter, and saying yes to Full Love. He's not saying what it's about, but it will certainly be a labor of love at the very least -- Van Damme will not only finance the film, but direct it as well. My god, is Jean Claude going romantic on us? Stay tuned!
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