Hey movie fans, here's a question: Do you presently own that 4-disc Adventures of Indiana Jones box-set? The one with all three movies and an extra disc with a bunch of supplemental stuff? And if so, are you pleased with this possession? Do you feel it somehow demands an upgrade?

Then here's some good news: Just in time for the theatrical release of Indiana Jones and the Location of an Amazingly Wordy Relic ... new DVDs! Yeah, I'd probably be a little more excited if someone had forced George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford to sit down and record some audio commentaries -- but I guess those will have to wait for Indy's 50th Anniversary Collection.

According to DVDActive, the new Indy DVDs (available separately or as a box-set) will arrive on May 13, and as far as "new goodies" are concerned, I'm not overtly impressed. You won't find a bigger Indy fan than yours truly, and I highly doubt I'll be investing another $50 on this set. I'll just wait for the next one. (After the jump: All the extra features!)