Of course, since Zoolander was a beloved hit, there's always been talk about a sequel. Hell, back in December of 2006, I wrote about Ben Stiller's plan to get back to the modeling industry after working with the Farrelly Brothers (The Heartbreak Kid). Things have changed a little since then. Instead of getting back to Derek, he's keeping busy with a bunch of projects from Tropic Thunder to Night at the Museum 2.

But still, persistently, the topic continues to pop up. During an interview with Will Ferrell about Semi-Pro, MTV asked ol' Mugatu the big question, looking for the latest Zoolander scoop. Ferrel replied: "Yeah, there was a little talk, and I brought it up to Ben really five years after the fact. Just for whatever reasons, it's just not crystallizing." Hallelujah! Sure, Ben could release news tomorrow that it's a go, but for now, I'll be comforted by the thought of an untarnished world of male modeling.

And this is coming from a place of love. I adore the movie. It's one of the very few films that makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it. That's rare. Even if they can recapture the characters and come up with a similar storyline, what's the chance that they can bring it all together in a way that lives up to the original, rare magic? I'd say close to zero. In our real, imperfect world, do you think a second Zoolander could be just as good, and live up to expectations?
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