I discussed the trailer for this Australian action/fantasy flick awhile back, and I was surprised it never had any kind of theatrical release in the states. Now that I've seen the film (just out from Sony Home Entertainment), it falls just short of feeling like an A picture and with no recognizable faces in the cast I can see where distributors might have been hesitant to pick it up. Still, this is a nice little slice of dark fantasy, and I can still see it finding a following even as a direct to DVD release.

Purgatory, or at least the Purgatory of this film, is a dank urban sprawl populated by people who have earned neither heaven nor hell. Control of the city is currently in the hands of The Fallen. While the words "God" and "devil" are never used, you don't need to be a theologian to figure out whose side they are on, and as a result the city remains in perpetual darkness. Gabriel (Andy Whitfield) is the latest in a series of Archangels who have been sent to reclaim the city for the forces of light. While in Purgatory, Archangels and Fallen alike must assume mortal forms, a very unpleasant transition, which provides ample opportunity for martial arts and automatic weapons fire when the two forces clash.
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