After 20 pages of new DVD releases over at Amazon, I forced myself to unclench my desperate fingers and remove them from my mouse. I need to face facts. This won't be an amazing week of DVD recommendations for you, or excited suggestions (on my part). This is a movie blog, so I can't suggest How Clean is Your House?, which I sort of love, Peter picked up all the good indie pics, Erik is reviewing Into the Wild's DVD, so I'm left with two options, which I'll discuss briefly.

101 Dalmatians
Rejoice! If you haven't picked it up during one of Disney's previous releases, you can now score the Two-Disc Platinum Edition of the 47-year-old, classic, dog-laden film, 101 Dalmatians. Just in case you forgot -- it's the story of two cute canines who have a litter of 15 puppies, and the sadistic Cruella De Vil who wants to steal them all on her quest to make a dalmatian coat. The realist in me figures that there will probably be another release in 3 years, when the flick turns 50, but c'mon, who ever wants to wait that long for a disc?

As for the film, two discs means lots of features. There are two pop-up tracks (family and fan), a new music video, informational guide, games, music (which features deleted songs, alternates and the like), backstage (which gives fans a documentary on the film's creation, some screen time for the evil Cruella, a bit on ol' Walt), and even a little more for eager fans.

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*Spelling corrected, thanks to Greg.