Gerard Butler. I always knew that some day you'd come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.

Gerard Butler's "officially unofficial" fansite is hosting a bunch of high-resolution stills of Butler and Jodie Foster from the upcoming Nim's Island. I was going to post a bigger version of Butler and his bullwhip here, but my computer is protesting, so it's better if you head on over there to view them. (I cannot find where they originated from -- and the site is mum, so if I am slighting someone, I apologize.)

I have to say, Butler looks less than thrilled in most of these. I guess he has more poise than I do, and wasn't running around yelling "You betrayed Shiva!" the entire shoot. Or maybe he was, and just wore himself out. I dig the costume though, especially the boots.

In other Island news, the film is reaching out to children with the Nim's Island: Our World, A Reel Thinking Event. Hosted by Jeff Corwin, the special will be aired on Animal Planet on April 2nd at 10am PST/EST, as well as in schools across the country. It will go behind the scenes of the film, while educating about environmental issues, and encouraging students to come up with solutions. Animal Planet and Walden Media are also sponsoring a contest to implement one classroom's best earth-saving idea.

I really love that this film is avoiding the McDonalds and merchandising route, and is instead educating children on coral reefs and living green. What a lovely idea! I hope a similar marketing scheme accompanies Wall*E.
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