I find it amazing that there hasn't already been a film made about Bob Marley's life. I suppose biopics are simply fraught with difficulty -- obtaining rights, trying not to anger surviving family, trying to cram an entire life into two hours.

But now the first film is kicking into gear -- and the Hollywood Reporter has announced that none other than Marley's widow, Rita Marley, is set to produce along with Rudy Langlais. The film will be based on Marley's 2004 autobiography No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley, which has been optioned by the Weinstein Company. The book details the singer's childhood, their tumultuous 15-year marriage, the assassination attempt on the couple, and the singer's early death from cancer in 1981. Langlais is claiming the film will be an "epic romance," but Marley insists she doesn't want a glamorized version. "Every inch of me is in there. I don't want a fairy tale or Cinderella story."

Marley is hoping the film's cast will be a family affair. She wants her daughter-in-law, singer Lauryn Hill, to play her in the film. Ideally, her grandson, Stefan, who is "the spitting image" of the late singer, will play Bob. Will he play younger or older Marley? They are looking for two actors to play him, one at age 15 and one portraying his adult years. The film's script is already being penned by Lizzie Borden (what a name!) in Jamaica, with a release date in late 2009, which could even beat Martin Scorsese's authorized documentary to theaters. No director has been named.

Bob Marley's life has the potential to be a fantastic movie -- and I'm rarely interested in music biopics. I'm curious to see who they are going to cast. Will they really stay within the Marley clan? Who would you like to see on-screen? Who would you like to direct it?
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