Nicolas Cage has landed another Troy girl as a co-star -- this time it is Rose Byrne, who will be taking the lead in the sci-fi thriller Knowing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Byrne will play a young woman whose mother buried a time capsule in 1962 which, when uncovered, predicts assassinations, the death of a professor's wife, and an imminent world apocalypse. Cage will be playing the professor, who discovers the contents and alerts Byrne. Initially skeptical, she begins remembering strange incidents from her childhood.

The movie will be directed by Alex Proyas, and the script has seen numerous revisions already. We all know what that can mean!

The last time Nicolas Cage tried to predict the future (and avert the end of the world), it didn't go so well. I would tell him he should study the past for his script mistakes -- but whenever he gets into the past, he makes another National Treasure. Can't he just stick with Charlie Kaufman?
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