It's funny, I was just thinking about Seth Green the other day -- not the usual run of things I can assure you, but as I was watching Radio Days, I couldn't help but be impressed by Green's career over the years. But as funny and talented as I think he is, I've got a bad feeling about anything that even remotely involves Fall Out Boy and the somewhat tired premise of a teen sex romp. MTV movie blog recently got the chance to visit the set of the teen/road flick Sex Drive, and scored a closer look at Green and members of the pop-rock band hard at work.

The film centers on a horny teen who takes a road trip with some friends so he can lose his virginity to a girl he knows online -- you know, that old chestnut. The flick was written and directed by Sean Anders, who only has a few credits to his name, but when one of them is a cult comedy about Christian Rock and frozen foods, it tends to stick in your memory. Drive also stars Josh Zuckerman as the aforementioned horny teenager, James Marsden, and Amanda Crew (John Tucker Must Die).

So, you might be wondering what Fall Out Boy has to do with all of this? (Well, other than an appearance on the Sex Drive soundtrack.) Turns out that FOB makes an appearance in the film as themselves, and Green will play an Amish "eccentric" who helps them out when their tour bus breaks down. Wow, this really isn't getting any better is it? But what should I expect from a teen sex comedy with the uninspiring title of Sex Drive? The only bright spot by the looks of things is going to be Green's performance as a whacked out Amish kid who has no intention of ever ending his Rumspringa. Sex Drive is scheduled to arrive in theaters this October.
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