Just in case you thought a "big" screen might not fit all of the wonder of the upcoming Speed Racer movie, which is set to hit theaters on May 9, it looks like they're going to get big-big screens as well. First Showing's Alex Billington was talking to his local theater manager, who said that the upcoming race flick was one of the big movies that would be popping up on IMAX.

It makes perfect sense. Have you seen the trailer? I'm not so sure about the storyline bits that pop up, but this film is going to be one sweet, color-infused, comic-like race fest, and IMAX is the natural place to throw it up.

That being said, I'm slowly growing weary of the whole IMAX and IMAX 3D trend. These screenings are great if you have a good seat, but man, get something less-than ideal, and the experience plummets. (And this is coming from someone who will sit anywhere as long as it's not those ridiculous ground-floor seats 2 inches from the screen.) What they need to do is a get a theater like the Terminator one at Universal Studios Florida, where every seat feels like the center, and then I think it would all be smooth sailing.

Nevertheless, get ready for some huge, funky eye candy -- we've only got a few months left to wait.
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