And the Internet sat up and went, "Seriously?"

CHUD's Devin Faraci is one dedicated researcher. Like a man possessed, he's been determined to unearth Djimon Hounsou's comic book project. (We reported on what it could be earlier this week as well.) It would now seem that he has, and the news is a bit disappointing. One of CHUD's reporters was at the Never Back Down junket and pressed Hounsou further. The actor reluctantly revealed that it was a comic "that used to be part of the Conan comic book."

Faraci spoke to NuImage, the people behind the new Conan movie, and they are only in talks with Hounsou -- and do not even have a director, so the project is far from definite. There are some other Robert E. Howard projects in development, notably Solomon Kane, but it is already filming, and Bran Mak Morn.

It is all a long way from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's Tintinor the Black Panther. Faraci is still consumed with the story and trying to get a definite answer. Pop on over and read his article, which includes audio of Hounsou's Conan quote.

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