Gerard Butler has put his eight-pack behind him, and launched his own production company. Variety has announced the launch of Evil Twins, a company helmed by Butler and his longtime manager, Alan Siegel. (With Butler's law degree and sword handling skills, I would never want to cross him in a negotiation.)

The pair have wasted no time in grabbing a number of impressive projects. First on the agenda is Law Abiding Citizen, in which Butler stars as an assistant D.A. who finds himself in the center of a traumatized victim's vigilante plot.

Also in development is Danny Rubin'sHanging Tale, and Frank McCourt's memoir Teacher Man. I hope that's a sign they will continue to pick films of a Celtic flavor -- and that it is only a matter of time before Butler green-lights his cherished Robert Burns biopic.

This is really exciting news. I was rather concerned for Butler when his biggest aspiration post-300 was donning Snake Plissken's eyepatch. He's a talented actor and capable of achieving some marvelous things if he chooses wisely -- and having the option of making his own films should draw him well out of The Ugly Truth territory. Well played, Butler.
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