I have a very good friend named Erik Childress, and he's a film critic who's pretty darn demanding when it comes to comedies. He doesn't chuckle easily, but when he finds a flick funny -- he's usually right on the mark. So let's flash back to Sundance 2006: I'd gone off to see something else, but when I met up with Childress for lunch, we had our normal conversation: "What'd you see, how was it, etc.?" And I distinctly remember Erik saying, through a mouth full of french fries, "Foot Fist Way. Surprisingly damn funny." I mentally kicked myself for missing it.

So now! Over two years later! Courtesy of Paramount Vantage, I bring you the first, the funny, the profanity-laden red-band theatrical trailer for Jody Hill's The Foot Fist Way. And, like Erik said about the movie, the trailer is surprisingly damn funny. If the lead knucklehead looks familiar, then you probably remember his brief-but-colorful moments in All the Real Girls, Hot Rod and The Heartbreak Kid. (His name's Danny R. McBride, by the way, and I'd call him the ONLY funny thing in that Heartbreak Kid remake.)

For those who can't be bothered to check out the clip (or are maybe under 18), the flick's about a really goofy Tae Kwon Do teacher. (Hey, the premise works well -- and often -- enough for Will Ferrell.) May 30 is when Paramount Vantage will unleash The Foot Fist Way, but for now you can feel free to peek through the official site and enjoy the R-rated trailer. ("Meditate on that." = hilarious!)
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