Would you go see a biopic based on Fantasia? Or Clay? Or Ruben? (Okay, you get the hint, and I'm sorry, but I only watched one season of Idol.) No? How about Paul Potts? Variety reports that the overnight success, who got his fame when he won Britain's Got Talent in 2007, is getting a feature film based on his story.

Paramount Pictures is developing the project, and not surprisingly, Simon Cowell (who created the show and judged Mr. Potts) has signed on as one of the film's producers. It will be the story of a tenor who sold cell phones, had bad teeth, and flipped a coin to go to a casting audition -- one that made the acidic Cowell state: "That particular day was one of the worst... I'll never forget how much the room changed when he began singing." (You can check out the moment above.)

He's certainly not a pop sensation, so this may not apply, but I can only hope that the poor guy finds the fame he is looking for, rather than end up anything like From Justin to Kelly.
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