Freaky Friday isn't the only movie where switching skin leads to a better understanding of a family member. In 1996, there was Wish Upon a Star, and it featured Katherine Heigl as Alexia, the older, popular, and way-too-purple-clad sister of Danielle Harris' nerdy Hayley. (Harris played the goth Tosh in Urban Legend.) Little sis wishes on a comet, hoping to get a little bit of Alexia's life and poof! They switch places!

Above you can check out the opening of the movie, where Heigl's character covers herself in pastels and gets ready for school. Obviously it's a school a lot more laid back than the one I went to, since she wears a barely-there mini shirt and stomach-baring tank top. It looks like she's trying out for a part in Clueless. If you can't get enough of a teen Heigl, head after the jump and see the sisters realize that they've switched bodies.