So from time to time I like to scope out various sites to see what's being said about our beloved Cinematical. More often than not, our press is good press -- folks seem to enjoy reading Cinematical; they like our writers, they like our stories and they like our fun, lively atmosphere. And then there are articles like this one over at Ad Age. While I understand this may be a bit tongue and cheek, I couldn't help but wonder why, exactly, this dude decided to come after us with something so lame. Larry Dobrow wrote an article about Oscar coverage around the net (or at least it seemed to begin that way), but then goes off in a direction geared toward which sites have the most to offer advertisers. Okay. Sounds good. What does this have to do with Cinematical?

Larry writes, "Moviefone's low-key "Cinematical" blog works well, even if it sometimes tries too hard to stimulate discussion threads ("What's your favorite Ernie Hudson role?" Wow, just one? Tough assignment). Beyond that, the operative words here are boring and innocuous ..." Really Larry? So I take it you look for sites that don't stimulate discussion threads? You like to be told what to think -- told which Ernie Hudson role is the best, instead of asked? I don't quite understand this, because Larry knows we're a blog and he knows (I imagine) that blogs like to open every story up for discussion (IMO, a blog is only as good as its community of readers and commenters). So why would he come after us for enjoying a friendly discussion or three?

And honestly, I have no idea what poor Ernie Hudson has to do with this. If Hudson's name comes up, does that mean we're "trying too hard?" And why wouldn't we try hard to stimulate discussions? The great thing about cinema is that there's so much to discuss, and our readers (who, like us, are lovers of all things film related) enjoy Cinematical because we do "try too hard" to stimulate discussion. And the day we stop trying is the day I stop writing here.

Oh, and in case you were wondering Larry: Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters.

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