Two new cast members have been found for Rogue's remake of The Last House on the Left. Looks like it will be Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter. No word on who they'll be playing, but Potter will probably be playing "the mom," while Goldwyn will be either "the dad" or "a psycho." (And given that Goldwyn's best performance came as a hateful villain in Ghost, I'd vote for the latter -- but he's probably the dad.) According to Bloody-Dee, the remake will also star Garret Dillahunt, Rhys Coiro, Martha Maclsaac and Riki Lindholme. (And Dillahunt is fast becoming one of my favorite "new" character actors.)

Ms. Potter is also no stranger to the spooky stuff: Most people forget she was in the original Saw -- and she survived! (Sequel-makers, take note!) As far as the remake of the controversial 1972 horror flick is concerned, the director is newcomer Dennis Iliadis, and the screenplay adapters are first-timers Adam Alleca and Mark Haslett. According to Variety, Red Eye / Disturbia screenwriter Carl Ellsworth also had a hand in the script, most likely in a "polishing" capacity. The creators of the original flick -- Wes Craven and Sean S. Cunningham -- are involved collecting a paycheck as executive producers. Production gets underway in South Africa later this month.
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