Oh, X-Files. There was a time in say, 1996, when the sight of these photos would have sent me racing to the official X-Phile board, logging in under my screen name IMScully33 (and yes, if you see it in the AICN Talkbacks -- that is me), and engaging in excited speculation.

Now I can only rouse a mild interest in these spy photos, courtesy of Flynet Online and fresh from the set of The Untitled X-Files Sequel. It's my duty to warn you of spoilers (although I pretty much gave it away in that title) but I have to say. . .is this really a spoiler? Didn't Mulder and Scully have sex off-screen and produce a child, thus rendering this pretty unexciting?

The time for them to kiss was back in X-Files: Fight the Future -- and you let us down, Chris Carter. Stop trying to make up for that off screen consummation!

This truly causes me pain. It brings to mind my blissfully misspent youth, which I spent pondering aliens, conspiracy theories, and buying all those episode guides. I was even a Scully lookalike at the tender age of 17. (I even appeared in an issue of The Official X-Files Magazine. I was that good.) In so many ways, The X-Files helped make me the geek I am today -- and also the bitter cynic who sits snarking on this post now. I want it to be 1996 again so I'm actually excited by the release of a second X-Files movie, and sighing over the possibility that two brilliant and lonely FBI Agents will get together.
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