A movie about card counting? It could so easily be yawn-worthy, but then again, there have been some sweet card-playing flicks in the past, so anything is possible. 21, based on those MIT peeps who made news for their speedy, mental card counting, is coming out this month (we'll have an early review from SXSW), and Cinema Blend has 8 clips up to whet your appetite -- ones that make things a bit more interesting than the earlier trailer.

Granted, this isn't any sort of documentary on these guys, but a Hollywoodized drama. And, as Jessica stated last month, a bit white-washed. Nevertheless, it's got the lights of Sin City, and that irresistible money allure. In the clips, you can check out the suit-cost scene that works much better outside of the trailer, lots of practicing, the inevitable fissures of cockiness and working for someone outside of the law, and some introductions, although unfortunately, the sound doesn't seem to be working on that clip (numbered 8, but really 7).

It's flashy, it's Hollywood, and it's directed by the guy behind Tad Hamilton and Legally Blonde, so you decide. Still, even with the fanciness, I kinda like seeing smart number crunchers on screen. We see so many idiots these days, ones that make you wonder if they even know how to tie their shoes, that it's nice to see someone who can do math in their head.