Since she won't be struggling with her alternate side in a world of Heroes any time soon, Ali Larter is getting Obsessed. Variety reports that she's going to star in Screen Gems' upcoming thriller, along with Beyonce Knowles and Idris Elba. Television director Steve Shill will helm the project, from a script by David Loughery. The latter has penned the likes of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and The Three Musketeers, had a 13-year break after Tom and Huck, and is now back with this and the upcoming Lakeview Terrace.

In the hand that rocks the professional cradle, Elba plays "an asset manager who has a knockout wife (Knowles) and thriving career until a temp office worker (Larter) begins stalking him." What better validation can an actor get? One gets stalked by an attractive woman, and the other gets to be a "knockout." Acting can be so rough!

Screen Gems head Clint Culpepper is said to be "working with Knowles' and Larter's reps to iron out scheduling kinks," but the company is planning to get the film into production this summer.
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