Is this for real? Above is the trailer for the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith biopic Anna Nicole. The only thing that comes to mind after watching it is that they know this is going to be so very crappy, and they're upping the cheese to make it obvious this isn't a flick to watch for artistic merit, but rather for cheap, tabloid entertainment. It has to be, because I simply refuse to entertain the notion that the cheesy voiceover saying "the most anticipated motion picture of the year" is anything but tongue-in-cheek.

As Erik said last year, the film will "chronicle Anna's entire life -- from her birth to her days at Playboy to her bogus marriage to her death." Doesn't it sound exciting? I'll give them some benefit -- Willa Ford does a decent job of embodying the destined-for-doom Monroe-wannabe.

Is there anyone out there who will sit down and watch this flick from beginning to end? Me, I think I prefer a strange, goofy, and nicely brief trailer. I mean, we all know the story anyway.

[via Just Jared]