The more I read about the upcoming film Me and Orson Welles, I can't help but wonder what the real deal would have said about this whole project. Would he be amused? Offended? Would he agree with the casting of Christian McKay? So many questions.

We'll never know what he'd think, but we do know who will play Joseph Cotten in the upcoming biopic. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the role will be filled by James Tupper. The actor got his start in the uber-record-breaking and awe-inspiring Joe Dirt, and these days, he is Jack Slattery in Men in Trees. In the film, Tupper plays opposite Efron's character in Welles' 1937 Broadway version of Julius Caesar. (Cotten is also the man whose second film role was in Citizen Kane, as Kane's best friend, Jedediah Leland.) I think it's a pretty decent match. How about you?

Richard Linklater has already begun shooting the film in the Isle of Man, London, with further production taking place in New York.
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