And let the games begin. Zack Snyder has released high resolution stills of several Watchmen characters to celebrate the "one year from now" release of the film.

I really love the look of the Comedian. Actually, I'm digging all of them with the exception of Ozymandias, who is a little too Goth for my taste. But I think all these strike the fine balance between being functional (I always wondered how Nite Owl actually moved in that suit), being updated for the screen, and being accurate to the comic. Hate me all you like.

A friend I've sent these to via AIM thinks they don't "look Dave Gibbonish enough. The poses are all Batman." I agree about the poses (especially Laurie's), but I rather think Snyder was giving them free rein and letting them have a bit of fun. The high level of Photoshop suggests that too.

Sound off below. Let loose with your shrieks of delight, groans of mediocrity, or howls of despair. I'll be anxiously awaiting what you fill my inbox with.

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