Poor guy. The marketing campaign for Forgetting Sarah Marshall has officially hit the net, and it involves a website, a video and a new teaser poster. The film's main character, Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), has started a blog dedicated to how much he truly loves his girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). All of his blog posts gush over the gal, and his latest includes a video (which we've provided after the jump) featuring Peter talking to his beautiful girlfriend, telling her how he always knew they'd be together forever.

Ah, but now a new teaser poser has hit the net, with a website that reads IHateSarahMarshall.com (instead of the current address, ILoveSarahMarshall.com), and so I imagine this entire marketing campaign will take a new -- dare I say ugly -- turn as Peter deals with the fact that his gal has broken his heart and ditched him for some other dude. Forgetting Sarah Marshall will premiere at the South By Southwest Film Festival this week, and you bet your ass we'll be giving you an early review of the latest flick to carry the Judd Apatow name. Forgetting Sarah Marshall officially hits theaters on April 18.

[via JoBlo]