He's currently filming a porno with Elizabeth Banks, and you'd think it would be pretty hard to top that. Well, Seth Rogen has found his next picture, and it has him joining the dangerous, fast-paced world of mall security. Variety reports that Rogen will star in the upcoming comedy Observe and Report, written by Jody Hill. Being a mall cop might sound a little bland after the world of triple-X, but this project has got a bit of a twist to it.

Rogen will play Ronnie Barnhardt -- "a deluded, self-important head of mall security who squares off in a turf war against the local cops." It's not every day that mall security ends in turf wars. However, this is one case where there will be a bit of a battle off-screen. You might remember that Kevin James has his own flick on the way called Mall Cop.

Personally, I think this is an easy choice. Some kidlets and PG-lovers will head right over to James' version, where thieves take over his mall. But really, would you want that if you could have a mall turf war? One with Seth Rogen? Production gears up next month after Zack & Miri wraps.
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