Is there another woman on the planet who can look as beautiful with semi-automatics as Angelina Jolie? It's just not fair. (Does anyone find it slightly ironic that a woman who is so dedicated to humanitarian aid has such a fondness for spraying bullets on film?)

The new Wanted trailer has debuted online over at MySpace (it's still not on YouTube, so I can't embed it for you), and it's one of those things you shouldn't like. Like Twinkies or Skittles. But then Angelina Jolie defies physics and scoops up poor James McAvoy in a furious red sports car.

You may roll your eyes at the slow-motion "Goodbye" bullet at the end, but ultimately, this is going to be one of those films to crash to on a hot summer night with a few friends -- a decent thrill ride you'll probably feel silly about going to later. (And it certainly has Timur Bekmambetov's stamp all over it.)

There are also a bunch of new pictures, mostly stills from the trailer. There's James McAvoy's washboard abs for the ladies, Angelina looking coy and suggestive for the boys. . .and well, let's be honest, everyone else. My taste favors Scotsmen, and I still can't look away.

And, if you're a diehard fan of the graphic novel, prepare to be disappointed. I'm hearing that it has only the basic premise in common.

Wanted opens on June 27, 2008.