Gotham City is starting to rumble again -- and it is all centered around a certain D.A.

While Harvey Dent hasn't yet updated his site, Aaron Eckhart has been busy. He gave an exclusive interview to Wizard Magazine full of character goodness. Those looking to remain pure before the film might want to avoid it, as he gives some vital character bits away.

He does confirm what the Internet knew all along -- Harvey will become Two-Face during the course of The Dark Knight. But my feeling from this interview is that Two-Face might be the villain left standing by film's end. Nothing here confirms those early rumors that, despite all we've seen of the Joker thus far, Two-Face is actually the main villain of this film.

This follows rumors that the new trailer (which is supposed to premiere with 10,000 B.C. last I heard) will be entirely Harvey Dent oriented. Will we see Two-Face in that, or just revealed through viral marketing? I hope they follow the pattern they set with the Joker, and reveal Two-Face via Harvey Dent's site.

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