Wow, two stories in one day on that coin-flipping madman. That's rather appropriate!

We already knew that Christopher Nolan's version of Two-Face was going to be miles away from Tommy Lee Jones' frightening (in all the wrong ways) portrayal of the villain. Even if we haven't seen any footage of Aaron Eckhart yet, the recent Wizard interview showed he recognized that the character wasn't a scarred caricature.

But it looks like Eckhart is going to be just as surprised by what appears on film as we are. CHUD's Jeremy Smith has the story on the unique approach Nolan is taking with the character. For every Two-Face scene, Nolan shot Eckhart twice -- once in make-up and once without. Yes, that's been done with Gollum and Spider-Man's Green Goblin, but the difference is that you'll be getting two wildly divergent performances in the same shot. Both will be present, but one side will dominate at any given moment. The entire performance can be altered, at will, in the editing room. Smith wonders if all this technical trickery is the reason Two-Face's appearance has been delayed so long.

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