Welcome back to another fantastical edition of Insert Caption -- where you write something funny and we give you free stuff. This week is packed with announcements, so we're gonna jump right in. First off, remember that Vespa we gave away two weeks ago? You remember -- it was only the greatest prize we've ever put up in the history of the site. Well, we all debated this one hardcore, but there was one caption that just hit everyone in a certain spot, in a certain way, and so congrats to Colt H. for giving us the following winning caption:

1. "When Harry DIDN'T Meet Sally." -- Colt H.

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Last week, we asked you to scope out a photo from this weekend's big release, 10,000 B.C., and provide us with the wittiest caption possible. I have to hand it to you folks this time around, because the captions rocked! While, as always, your filthy minds were at play (leave that poor cat alone!), three captions stood out among the rest:

1. A guy with a penchant for older women realizing too late that his new spray deodorant which promised to "attract cougars" meant it literally. -- Ryan T.

2. Unlike his great grandson Siegfried, Hershel wasn't quite so animal savvy. -- Eric W.

3. Yes, I definitely want my nipples pierced, I was just hoping you had a smaller needle. -- Julie D.

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Finally, this week we're looking for your best captions for the below photo from the very funny animated flick Bee Movie, starring the voice of Jerry Seinfeld as a bee who leaves the hive, learns humans are stealing honey for their own consumption and proceeds to sue the entire human race. The three winning captions will walk away with their very own copy of Bee Movie on DVD -- for those times when you and your honey are in the mood to snuggle up to something sweet. (Aren't I lame?) Sound off below!

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