Like dueling asteroids and meteors, like competing Truman Capotes, two separate comedies about the world of mall security are moving forward. And The Hollywood Reporter today gave word that the Kevin James comedy Mall Cop -- not, of course, to be confused with the just-announced Seth Rogen filmObserve and Report -- is moving forward with casting. Epic Movie "star" Jayma Mays (who the keen-eyed among you will also recognize from Ugly Betty, Heroes and Pushing Daisies) will be playing James' love interest, while Keir O'Donnell (Wedding Crashers) will be playing a fellow security officer. (The Hollywood Reporter piece also contains spoilers, so those of you who wish to have your enjoyment of Kevin James unsullied by too much information may wish to be cautious about clicking through).

Of course, just as with Armageddon versus Deep Impact or Capote versus Infamous, the final arbiter of victory for Mall Cop and Observe and Report will be the audience -- so which are you more interested in seeing? James, or Rogen? Or will your inner polyester-clad authority figure split the difference and compel you to see both? And finally, heretical as it is to apply historical perspective to big-concept comedies, didn't Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn already make this movie?

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