No, Leonardo DiCaprio isn't joining a sequel of that crappy Codename flick. He is, however, looking to star in a Korean thriller remake -- but it won't be in the vein of those many supernatural thriller re-dos. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that right after Warner Brothers picked up the remake rights to The Chaser for mid-six figures, Leo started looking at the lead, presumably because The Departed helmer William Monahan is in talks to direct.

Should he sign on, Leo will play an "ex-cop who goes on the warpath trying to find a missing girl. The girl, who may or may not be alive, is being used by a serial killer to taunt the police." That whole "may or may not" thing, mixed with taunting, is filling my head with visions of kid digits and horror, but hopefully the taunting is just with some carefully-lettered ransoms or "nyah nyah" taunts.

Not surprisingly, the original is a hit in Korea, which sparked the attention of many, including Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who, I quote: "specialize in bringing Asian fare to American audiences." Just as I imagine Michael Clayton gets sick of clean-ups, you gotta wonder how tiring it is to have your whole job revolve around redoing films. They must hate rants about remakes.
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