It's a little bit cold and a little bit country. Yes, the Cinematical team has officially landed in Austin and we're about to begin covering the hell out of this year's South by Southwest Festival. Today was check-in day; we headed over to the convention center to pick up our badges, chatted up a few friends, grabbed our pocket schedules and began to plan out our weeks. Right off the bat, an afternoon screening of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay was pushed back because the print never showed up, and so we're now killing time in Weinberg's hotel room watching SXSW screeners (Bi the Way, Cook County) until it's time to head on over to one of the Alamo theaters for HK2.

Following that screening, we'll jet it over to the Paramount (the theater where all the major premieres take place) for the premiere of 21. I'm most looking forward to my first trip to an Alamo theater after hearing so much about them from my fellow Cinematical writers. "You mean, you sit on benches and order food that's delivered while the movie is playing?" Weinberg replied, "Yup, it's awesome!" In the meantime we just finished watching a documentary on bi-sexuality in America. Can one exist as a bi-sexual? How is it different to be bi-sexual for a man and for a woman? And was that really a threesome thrown in at the end? Eh. The film didn't do much for me -- not because I'm against bi-sexuality, but because I'm against films that bore the hell out of me.

Tonight: Alamo. Paramount. Parties. SXSW is on! Keep it here all week for more updates from one of the cooler festivals this great country has to offer.