See, world! Perfectly normal, lovely girls read comic books.

Rachel McAdams spoke to MTV recently, and revealed that she's quite fond of comics and graphic novels. More than that, she wants to be the Black Orchid. "It's a really interesting character," the actress said. "She's a superhero that's a flower. I don't know if that would work or the audiences would be interested in that, but she was kind of cool."

She knows her stuff, too. She wants Neil Gaiman's 1988 run to be adapted.

Reportedly, McAdams has auditioned and lost roles in Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Batman Begins. That's simply not fair. An actress who can name drop Neil Gaiman (I bet Gwyenth Paltrow can't) deserves a really cool superheroine. Hopefully, someone will take up her Black Orchid suggestion and cast her in the lead.

Mostly, I just want a girl to be rewarded for her geekery. Then we can all have hope! McAdams, you must be a pioneer for us all.

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