Last we heard about Samantha Morton, Christopher Campbell was praising her work in Control. Now the Daily Mail reports that she's about to direct her first feature with Revolution Films-- one that will not only have her traverse the world behind the camera, but also travel through her own past. The film is currently called The Unloved, and she is working on the script with Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

Morton says: "The story will be fictionalised, but it's my story. The things that happened to me in care will be there, but I think it's easier to tell it if it's fictionalised, because I'm going to weave in other stories about other kids." Still, it should prove to be an immensely personal project, and I have a feeling that it won't be overly saccharine and sentimental. We must remember that this is the woman who reminisced about "a drama club story about a young Morton taking improv too far -- 'He whispered, 'The other girl's stolen your hamster.' So I beat the crap out of this girl and they didn't ask me back.'"

If she can keep the snark along with the dramatic punch, this could be a fine flick. Morton isn't sure if she'll take a role in the film herself, but casting should commence soon, once the script is completed, and they're looking to begin production in September.
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