Here's a little something to keep you Hulk fans happy until the trailer debuts at ShoWest next week. (And hopefully, is posted online shortly after. I can't believe this comes out June 13th, and we haven't even seen a teaser.)

Superhero Hype, by way of a Russian film site, has a big high-res still of William Hurt as General Ross, which you can see part of on the right. It's not the most exciting photo on the planet, but hey -- it's a break in the Wolverine stills for you!

The Calgary Herald also did a great interview with Hurt to discuss his new film Vantage Point, but he had just as much to say about The Incredible Hulk. While sworn to secrecy about the film, he still has a good deal to say about his role as the General -- namely, he wishes people would stop labeling him as a villain. "He wants Hulk's power but is humiliated by Hulk's conscience: he actually sees and recognizes that it's more developed than his own."

And not only is he a fan of the Hulk comics -- after he accepted the role, he found out it was the favorite comic series of his children. Who knew that kind of thing was passed on in the genetics?
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