You know, if I were an immortal creature of the night, I probably wouldn't be working in a strip club. But seriously, if you were all powerful, would you bother having a day job? Let alone one that has you spending your evenings fighting off 'pole chafing'. Oh well, I guess I've been watching vampire movies long enough to recognize the honored tradition of the stripping undead. The latest contribution, according to Horror, will star Ray Winstone (Beowulf) and go by the name of Live Girls.

Rob Green is set to direct the story of a married man (Winstone) who begins to frequent a strip club and becomes obsessed with the lead dancer, Anya. As to be expected, these ladies are little more blood sucking than you would normally find in your average peeler bar, and our hero begins to find himself changing in unexpected ways. When he returns with another wronged man to uncover the mystery behind this club, it's all fangs and arterial spray from there.

But before you get too excited about Girls, keep in mind that Winstone already has three other projects on the go, and Green is in production on another film. Not to mention that this particular movie hasn't been listed anywhere official for either Green or Winstone. So, stay tuned to Cinematical for any news that comes our way.
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