Quickly capitalizing on the still that rocked the world, Dreamworks has released a teaser trailer for Tropic Thunder.Watch it here on the official site. It's age restricted for language and evisceration. Naturally, the key answer here is your zip code -- there's whole states populated with children under 17.

I echo the majority when I say I don't think I've ever looked forward to a Ben Stiller comedy -- but this looks hysterical. And please tell me they're going to keep that 1970's film stock look. I'm laughing hardest at Robert Downey Jr.'s pop up. "Arrrgh!" It's practically proof they cut this after the still was released. "Downey doesn't need to say anything! Just have him pop up in that make-up!"

I really want a Tropic Thunder patch. Right now. Send me some swag, Dreamworks! I will put it on my jacket and wear it proudly.