As cute, cuddly, and companion-filled as pets are, there's always been that eerie and underlying fear about what they could accomplish if. Would the buggers turn on you and try to eat you if the world's food supply disappeared? Could they become possessed by an old burial ground, like Pet Sematary?

There's no creepy graves in sight, but The Hollywood Reporter posts that Columbia Pictures has picked up a new spec for Neal Moritz to produce called Animals, from newbie writer Mike Sobel. Said to be a horror/thriller, the film will focus on what happens when the Earth's animals turn on humans. (Will they stop being polite, and start getting real?) We're not just talking lions, tigers, and bears, but chipmunks, house cats, and tiny lop-eared bunnies. ALL animals. I'm sort of surprised that comedy isn't mentioned anywhere, so I imagine the protags will only have to deal with the scarier animals. If some bunny goes human-hungry on-screen, that'll just end up looking like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

As for Sobel, he's some guy who worked as an assistant district attorney in New York, and left his job to make it big in Los Angeles a year ago. Hmm... I imagine there are a lot of struggling writers out there grumbling right now. But still, kudos for making it, Mike.
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