Here's the answer to the question that's been keeping you up at night -- who is going to play Cha-Ka in the 2009 Land of the Lostmovie?

JoBlo has the scoop that It's none other than Saturday Night Live player, Jorma Taccone.

The movie is going to tweak television show's premise a bit. Will Ferrell is playing has-been scientist Rick Marshall, who gets sucked into a space vortex with his assistant, Holly (played by the lovely Anna Friel), and a redneck survivalist played by Danny McBride. (Is Holly still his wife? Are the kids in it? Neither JoBlo or IMDB says.)

Given that this is a Will Farrell film, I imagine it will be heavy on the comedy and light on the action-adventure. He just keeps gravitating to these television remakes, doesn't he? I'd like to think it was because he genuinely enjoyed the show in his youth, and not because he just wants to use his trademark scream on the Sleestaks.

A brief look through IMDB shows that the show's fans are pretty upset with the casting. It's definitely not the route I thought they would go, either. Though to be honest, I never watched the show -- the reruns and the 1990's remake both aired too early in my city for me to ever catch them.
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