South by Southwest -- the little festival that could -- has outgrown its origins as a chance for music industry mavens to ear barbecue in March; it's expanded, grown, come to incorporate interactive technologies -- and, as you've been reading here at Cinematical, film. But what role does SXSW serve? What are some of the films to most look forward to this year? What truly separates SXSW from big sister Sundance, held a few months before? And what, to a film critic, would the best film festival in the world really be like? Joining us this week on The Rocchi Review, live from Austin to talk about all this and more, is Cinematical's own Editor-in-Chief, Erik Davis. Cinematical's podcast content now has even better sound quality, and is now in iTunes; you can subscribe at this link. Also, you can listen directly here at Cinematical by clicking below:

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