Deja vu time once again. Today's gaggle of trailers all, for varying reasons, have a ring of familiarity to them. All together now: Once more with feeling.

I've seen this before, haven't I? Not exactly. This is a brand spanking new trailer for the Angelina Jolie film based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. A young man with the rare gift of being able fire a bullet along a curved trajectory is asked to join a secret society of good guy assassins ("kill one so a thousand can survive"). Morgan Freeman plays, well, Morgan Freeman with a slightly gruffer edge to his usual fatherly demeanor. Jolie is hot to the point of being incendiary here (nice tats, and no that isn't a typo), but the "I'm cooler than God" shtick gets pretty annoying. The new trailer gives a better feel for the film than the teaser that's been out for awhile, and it looks like it might be a fun ride if you're in the mood for over-the-top action. Here's Elisabeth's take.

100 Feet
This one definitely looks familiar. Didn't this used to be called Disturbia, and it looks like Shia Labeouf has had a sex change. Oh wait, that's Famke Janssen. She's playing a woman sentenced to three years of house arrest, nifty ankle bracelet included, for killing her abusive cop husband. Christopher Campbell first posted about this one a little over a year ago. I'm no lawyer, but doesn't it seem odd to place someone on house arrest for that long? Prison starts to look pretty good, though, when the ghost of her dead S.O.B. husband starts looking for some payback. In addition to the echoes of Disturbia, the scene where Janssen screams "What do you want?" to the unseen entity reminded me a lot of George C. Scott in The Changeling, and the house arrest for killing a cop part recalls a decent little indie flick called Cherish. Still, this looks like it might be good for a few scares.