If you'd like your Jesus Camp with a little less grim reality, the latest dark comedy from Whitewater Films might be right up your alley. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the company will be bringing us a new dark comedy called Zapper. Rick Rosenthal, who helmed Halloween II as well as eps of Buffy and Smallville, will direct the feature, from a script by Jumanji scribe Jim Strain.

The comedy "takes a satirical look at a young preacher who becomes a local sensation after appearing to communicate with the dead through a TV remote control." I don't get it. Does he have some sort of remote with sound? Does he hit buttons and say that the remote is secretly talking to him? Or, can he hit a button and make dead people appear on the television? THAT could be cool. Those television psychics should look into that; it would certainly legitimize their business. Poor kid -- the film is also said to be about his rise and fall, so something fishy is going on here.

They're currently casting the dark comedy, and we should have more word soon.
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