I'm not a good enough writer to explain how terrible, miserable and infuriating my most recent Thursday was. I'm well aware that airlines are pure evil and that EVERYONE gets the shaft from USAir, American, United, etc., from time to time. I'm also (obviously) aware that an airline / airport has no pull with Mother Nature, nor would I waste time blaming American Airlines for the freezing snow and/or rain. But here's the story. Well, the first half, anyway.

I got on an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia at 7:35am. My seat was in the absolute BACK of the plane, which is usually awful, but since this flight was stopping in Dallas and then quickly moving on to Austin, I wasn't too irritated about getting seat 33D. (Although, to be honest, I did request seat 10D when I booked the flight -- and said seat WAS confirmed.) The good news is that I was in a seat with no passengers in front of me; just a bulkhead wall! So my loooong legs had a little extra room to move. Things were starting out great! I nodded off a few times and awoke as we were landing in Dallas.