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Waiting outside the Explicit Ills premiere last night, the holy-smokin' Rosario Dawson walked up to say hello. Her and I go way back; she had a major crush on me back in the day (sparks just weren't there), and so we've kept in touch ever since. I wish. No, she's in the film and was hanging out right next to us prior to heading into the theater. Our friend Jason Whyte had his giant camera out, and he was gracious enough to snap these pics for us. So I called RD over and JW snapped away. I must say, in person Rosario is unbelievably beautiful. Ya know, they tend to rough her up in some films, but last night she was absolutely stunning. It's safe to say my group of renegade writers fell in love last night for the five minutes she was hanging by our sides. Check out one other pic of Rosario after the jump.

Photo credit: Jason Whyte