Here's another comic book series to run out and buy, so you can look cool before the movie comes out. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Warner Bros, who is really becoming the comic book movie studio of late, has just purchased the rights to Bone, the long-running and enormously popular series by Jeff Smith.

was named one of the top ten graphic novels of all time by TIME, and is beloved by everyone from Matt Groening to Frank Miller. It's a rather epic fantasy, following a trio of cousins from Boneville who are run out of their hometown. Separated and hunted, they take refuge with a human girl, Thorn, and her grandmother in a mysterious valley. But the valley is threatened by the evil Lord of the Locusts and his minions. And yes, it has been compared (favorably) with Lord of the Rings.

There was a previous attempt to adapt the series into an animated movie by Nickelodeon in the 1990's. It fell through due to disagreements between Smith and Nickelodeon, who saw it as strictly children's fare, ripe for loading with Britney Spears songs.

Hopefully, Warner Bros. is planning a more accurate approach to the material. It's not decided yet whether the film will be live action or animation -- but given how bizarre the Bone cousins would look in live action, one hopes that simple animation will be rule the day. Given that Smith successfully ran off Nickelodeon, fans can probably be assured he'll retain a similar control over the material.

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