What did I not expect to read today? "Keira Knightley is releasing an album." This surprising tidbit comes from The New Zealand Herald. Now, it sounds more like she'll be featured on the soundtrack for The Edge of Love, since the article goes on to describe the other artists featured on the soundtrack, and makes no mention of any non-movie Keira songs. However, they do say that she's the one releasing it, so who knows!? Whatever the case, the woman who once said she couldn't really sing is going to find her music on disc.

Meanwhile, Cinematical isn't the only blog at Sundance, and the folks at Cinema Blend nabbed some new Helen Hunt news during a press conference for her directorial debut, Then She Found Me. She has already written another movie, which she says is an "original idea" this time around (the other is based on a novel). The script isn't completely finished, but she said: "It's similar in tone in that it's a comedy about some things that are funny and some things that are not funny." Gee, that's specific.

Finally, this last bit surprised me so much that I had to read through my recent Samantha Morton posts to see if I was completely blind and missed something. Guardian reports that the actress had a secret stroke two years ago and was close to death. They say "friends, family and managers made a concerted effort to protect her from publicity." That's putting it mildly! Some people say they can't keep out of the spotlight, but maybe they're doing something wrong because Morton kept a serious injury and her long rehab (she had to re-learn how to walk) away from us all. This is the real reason behind her pulling out of Transsiberian. Man, I thought she was tough before... Check out the article for the whole story.
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