I was pretty bummed when I posted that Mark Romanek had backed out of the upcoming horror thriller The Wolf Man, starring the wonderful Benicio Del Toro. Then, I tried to wrap my head around the new director, Joe Johnston. Right now, I'm not caring because Bauer-Griffin has some great photos from the set of the upcoming film.

Yes, that's Benicio above -- all bloody, but not looking particularly beaten, so I'm thinking that's what happens to his clothes after he wolfs out and rips a bunch of unlucky buggers apart. And of course, that's a bearded Anthony Hopkins to the right. This is just one of a bunch of stills the site has, all from the same shoot -- you should really check them out if you're at all interested in this film.

Unfortunately, we've got almost a year to wait to see if the film is half as good as these pics. The Wolf Man is scheduled to hit theaters February 13, 2009 -- just in time for Valentine's Day!

[via Shock Till You Drop]
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