I've made it no secret that I'm ridiculously happy that Christian Bale was picked to be the latest incarnation of Batman. Sure, other people might have done a good job, but Bale is flipping perfect. That being said, what would you have thought of, say, Joshua Jackson as the dark hero? And, if you didn't want him as Bruce Wayne, what about Peter Parker?

A few days after hearing that Chris Cooper almost got the role of Lt. Gordon in Batman Begins (I love Cooper, but phew!), MTV has posted a similar discussion with Joshua Jackson. According to the ol' Dawson's Creek actor, he was one of the "last four or five guys" up for the gig -- and it's not the only superhero gig he's been interested in. Jackson said: "You know, honestly, out of the big super heroes, the guy that I would most naturally be a fit to play is Spider-Man, but that one is pretty well locked up. And, frankly, I'm too old to play that character because the parable of Spider-Man is the teenager going through puberty."

Upon hearing that Tobey Maguire hasn't signed on for the future flicks in the works, Jackson continued: "Well then, yeah. That was really subtle of me putting my name in the hat." Of course, it's nothing more than a fleeting interest right now, but you never know what could happen. What would you do if Maguire hands his red tights to Jackson?
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